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Do You Want to Make at Least $24 per Hour? Only Read if You're Serious

Show Me the Money!

Before we show you the money, answer the following questions:

1. How serious are you about wanting to work from home?

2. Do you want to make the same thing this year that you did last year?

3. You want to make a six figure income, but do you have skills that are worth six

figures (i.e. Doctor, Lawyer)?

4. Are you willing to invest in yourself to learn a new skill?

5. Why should a Fortune 500 company pay you $200,000?

Everyone wants to have more money but they don't want to EARN more money.

These questions aren't to make you feel bad but you must be honest with yourself when you say you want work when you want, make at least $20 an hour, don't want to deal with customers (who pay your salary), and want medical/401k benefits. How can you make this happen?

Here's The Secret: You can accomplish your financial dreams if you invest in yourself

(Educationally, physically, financially and spiritually)

Are You Ready? Are You Willing? If so, continue reading.

Why not provide services for Carnival Cruise Lines Sales?

* Earn $10.00/hour or $2.00 per call (so the faster you are, the more money you

can make)

* In addition, you get an additional $2.00 for every booking

* Day and evening classes available

* They are open 24 hours (so you can literally work when you want)

* Discounts on cruises for you and your immediate family

This class is only $49.00. Isn't it worth investing $49 to make $24 per hour or more? Here's How:

Example: If you take only 6 calls in an hour at $2.00 per call = $12.00

Plus $2 per booking incentive 12.00

Total 24.00 per hour!!

You have the power to invest in yourself and make as much as you want...(more than your friends or co-workers). How many people do you know make at least $24 an hour and work when they want to work?

Remember, it doesn't hurt to try it...if you don't like it, you won't lose anything because you get the money back in your first paycheck. What do you think?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you're on our team, log into your

dashboard to sign up or

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