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Join the Victoria Staffing Agency

for Home Office Career Opportunities

We invite you the to partner with VSA and service Arise clients by providing customer support.
  We offer opportunities to work for Fortune 500 companies such as:
Theme Parks, Cruise Lines, Telephone Companies, Roadside Service and more
Inbound Sales

We have many companies with positions available for inbound sales.  You will be hired as a customer service professional (CSP) to provide information and take sales calls for clients such as major cruise lines, bookstores, retail stores and more!  No experience necessary and training is available. 



Our agents are already booking hotel rooms, dinners and cruises for other clients and we'd like to help you out too! It's not just about taking the call and entering the information into the computer, it's about engaging the customer and closing the sale!




Customer Service Agent

As a CSP, you will provide outstanding customer service to our customers.  Whether it's answering general questions, helping make changes to a service or going over billing information, we will train you to have what it takes to help your customers!




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