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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do I have to be to apply?

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply and be a legal United States citizen.


2.  When and how will I get paid?

You will be paid twice a month via direct deposit.  Pay is between $9 and $16 per hour depending on the client.

3.  What do I need to get started?

A Computer or Laptop with Windows 10 & Antivirus protection, VoIP/Digital Telephone or a POT (plain old telephone) landline phone WITHOUT any features (such as call waiting, caller ID, voicemail...etc). You will also need high speed Internet service (such as DSL or Cable...NO Wireless), a headset for your telephone and a USB headset for training. Most importantly, you will need a quiet space to take calls.


4. Why is a Background Check required?

A background check is required because Arise and its clients do not do business with anyone who has been convicted, plead guilty or plead no contest to any felony, or certain misdemeanor charges including but not limited to theft, fraud, violence or other similar violations. A fee is payable by the CSP applying. $7.95 –$29.95 depending on state. Payable by the CSP applying (non-refundable)



5. Will I be an employee of VSA?

No, you will  be a sub-contractor who is contracted with Sartin Enterprises (a.k.a. Victoria Staffing), an Arise Virtual Solutions Partner, to service Arise clients. Sub-contractors are considered self-employed and are responsible for paying their own taxes and insurance.  Sartin Enterprises partners with Arise Virtual Solutions to provide you a work from home business opportunity - not a job. As such, you will be classified as an Independent Contractor sub-contracting through Sartin Enterprises to provide service to Arise clients. 

6.  How do I switch or change to from another IBO to your company?

We are so glad that you would like to join our team! We are always looking to add new talent. Here are a few things to consider:

a.  Log into your dashboard and go to your portal under “My Info” select “Drop/Change IBO” the click on “Request to move to the

     following IBO”. Put in our IB ID 1013618 and click the search button then submit. Once we receive your request we will accept it and      you will need to go back to  the same page and sign the agreements. Once agreements are signed, we will finalize your move and send     you a welcome letter. If you have, then your current IBO will have to release you first and then you can follow the steps to join.

b. Are you currently enrolled in a certification course?  If you have, then your current IBO will have to release you first and then you can

    follow the steps to join. We will immediately re-enroll you into the course that you are in.

c. Are you actively servicing a client? If you have, then your current IBO will have to release you first and then you can follow the steps to

    join. Once you have joined, we will send a request to reactivate your SOW. It may take several days for this to complete.

d. Is your IBO not responding to you? If they are not responding to you at all, we can reach out on your behalf to see if they will respond.

    Please email us your name, CSP ID, name of your IBO and an email address for your IBO to If they don’t, then

    you can go to Arise legal and ask them to investigate this IBO. If this IBO does not respond to Arise, they may be deactivated.



7.  Are there any recurring fees?

Yes, outside of your initial training investment there is a bi-wkly admin fee. This fee covers your access to the arise portal (which includes VPN, Arise University, Invoicing etc.)  Our goal is to provide you with maximum resources at the lowest rate possible. We are proud to be among the lowest fees in the industry, which is $50.00 per month. Your fee will never increase no matter how much income you generate.  


SUMMARY:  Fee Breakdown


Background check:  Conducted by Arise.  This fee is payable by the CSP applying.  The cost is only 9.99.


Client Training- Charged by Arise. Training is normally 3 – 8 weeks depending on complexity of servicing client. Training is unpaid, per Arise and is between $0.00 – $199.00 (this varies depending on client and demand).



Arise Systems Fee- Charged by Arise. A fee of $19.75 is charged every pay period for access to Arise systems and client technical support.  


VSA Management Fee- An administration fee of $25.00 is charged per pay period. This is for the management, metrics tracking, payroll and other services provided by VSA.  



NOTE:  As an Independent Sub-Contractor, you have the ability and the privilege of classifying any monies paid towards working from home as business expenses. This could potentially save you money during tax season​.

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